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So...I'm Back.

2008-03-08 16:34:06 by SpencerMann

Yup, after being gone for quite some time, I'm back. After that complete blow-up on the Art Forum, well I was kinda ashamed to come back. However, I miss yeah.

So...I'm Back.


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2008-03-12 19:01:35

Whoa, I just realized you look exactly like the actor who played bond in casino royale

SpencerMann responds:

I AM that actor.


2008-03-29 19:53:56

Arn't you that BitmapPirate guy? I loved your art!

SpencerMann responds:

No. He's a penis with a dick attached to his cock.


2008-03-30 11:22:41

Congrats on " Baseball caps" Getting through the portal.


2008-04-01 06:26:48

Blow up? All the cool people have blow-ups.


2008-05-07 16:22:23

Hi, ncie drawing !