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Entry #9

Oh well hello there.

2008-12-12 22:46:38 by SpencerMann

Lovely day, eh?

Oh well hello there.


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2008-12-15 19:25:06

Nice pic, very colorful and interesting. I like the way you handled the line thickness. =]

SpencerMann responds:

Thank you.


2008-12-21 14:11:41

oh my days he's back

SpencerMann responds:

Yeahhhh kinda


2009-03-15 20:56:43

Oh, the places you'll go. That thing looks like something from the Lorax. "I speak for the trees!"


2009-06-26 04:03:29

look alot like alex pardees style


2011-10-21 02:49:59

well doesn't this just pucker my butt.....your art style is so nice and wired it makes me feel all nice and wired.......I MEAN, make me think of some sort of new Dr. seuss..........but just with out the anyways ill just let my self out but you have your self a splendiferous day my good chum.


2015-05-28 20:23:30

It's been a while...